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Community Team

Meet Our Community Team


Heather Dovidio

Regional Director, Community Relations


Heather started in the field of health care as the community liaison at a skill nursing facility. With a background in the events industry, Heather brings a detail oriented style of problem solving and precise itinerary preparation to the complex and chaotic process of patient arrivals.


As a Regional Director of Community Relations, her empathy is unparalleled and aligns with her daily motive to always put patients first. It is these attributes that sets Heather apart from her colleagues in the field.

Heather graduated from Duquesne University in 2014, with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Communication. She is currently enrolled in school to further cultivate her education, with a Master’s Degree in Interior Architectural Design.

Katie Watters


Community Resource Specialist

Katie started her health care career in retail pharmacy.  She made the transition to elder care as the Director of Admissions in a skilled nursing facility.


As a Community Resource Specialist, Katie’s background in insurance provided her the analytical and organizational skills necessary to increase productivity through the development and execution of strategic communications, innovative communication processes, and enhanced community relationships.

Katie graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology in 2008, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.  She is a Florida native and has lived in the Greater Tampa Bay area for over 30 years.

Jake Kurtz

Web & Digital Marketing Manager


Jake manages our digital presence. He has an extensive background in digital media and website design. After working at local advertising agencies, national corporations, and managing media for Fortune 500 companies, he started his own marketing company called Brick Media LLC in Tampa Bay. He specializes in website design, media management, and social media marketing. 


He built the website (this one) for SeaCoast Elite Management, crafted our brand identity and logo, and consults with us regularly on our digital strategy.

Jake graduated from Duquesne University in 2014 and has a degree in Integrated Marketing. In addition to running his own business, he enjoys keeping up with Pittsburgh sports, staying active, and traveling.

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