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Gold Watch Investment Group

Scott Westover, Managing Principal

Gold Watch Investment Group arranges debt and equity for commercial real estate acquisition, repositioning and construction projects.  Our financial partners represent the "who's who" of the investment community as well as lessor known, hedge funds, private equity groups, "family offices" and international investors. As a result, we are able to match just about any profitable project with the appropriate financial resource.  The benefit to our Clients is less time "spinning wheels" and more time getting them to that all important closing.


However, the key to successfully securing financing for an assignment is often tied to establishing the Sponsor's credibility in the eyes of the investor. We have never hesitated to introduce Marc Flores and SeaCoast Elite Management to our equity and debt partners.  Mr. Flores is the consummate health-care professional who brings the unique skill set of being able to turn around struggling operations without compromising the care and services of its residents.  Marc has true "hands on experience"  in Operations, Customer Service, Client Management and a track record of growing facilities. Our investors recognize SeaCoast's vision for the future and want to be there to share in its success.  


Brick Media LLC


Jake Kurtz, Founder

Brick Media Group, LLC was established to help small to medium sized businesses in the Tampa Bay area succeed in the modern marketing environment. Their founder, Jake Kurtz, has been helping businesses, building websites and managing digital marketing for companies for 7+ years.

For SeaCoast Elite Management, Jake fully manages every aspect of our online presence. In addition to building and maintaining our website, he helps consult us on our digital marketing strategy for the future.

Brick Media Group has experience working in several industries including senior living, legal, medical, and real estate - building websites, running media campaigns, managing social media accounts, consulting on brand strategy, creating content, helping businesses rank on search engines, and more.

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